Planed products programme

Planed boards, façade profiles and planks for terraces are not only beautiful but also very functional and versatile. They can be used as structural or construction elements, as part of garden architecture or as a building material for both the visible and the structural parts of houses.

We offer the following: all products are dimensionally stable, ready for immediate use, and are made from quality oak and larch wood, which has been thoroughly dried and planed on all four sides; you can choose from many profiles and lengths.

They are ideal for: floors, façades, gables, roofing, and arbours.

The product is suitable for: builders, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners.

What our customers buy most frequently: solid oak floors, oak wood for terraces, larch façade profiles.

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KVH and BSH Balks

KVH and BSH balks are considered to be a perfect natural building material. With their outstanding properties, they can fully replace classical structural and construction timber. A solid piece of wood can show defects and its dimensions are limited. On the contrary, the KVH and BSH balks do not limit architectural intentions. Thanks to the cuts and the subsequent extension by a zigzag connection (or with overlapping), the balks can have almost any dimensions. They are especially suitable for wooden construction and as the support components in wooden buildings.

We offer KVH and BSH balks as follows: variable length, with stable dimensions and shape, easy workmanship, for indoor and outdoor use.

They are perfect for: wooden structures, wooden buildings, roofs, ceilings, shelters, pavilions, arbours, garden architecture.

The product is suitable for: builders, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners.

What our customers buy most often: larch BSH balks for supporting structures.

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Construction Timber

Non-planed and non-dried balks, battens, slats and boards are intended for the construction of wooden buildings, rooftops, arbours, shuttering, parking stands for cars and more. The construction timber is manufactured from raw, high quality saw logs. When used indoors or where the aesthetic quality is important, it can have the edges bevelled, can be processed by grinding or by any other suitable finishing.

We offer the following construction timber: highly resistant, from high-quality logs, durable, for easy processing.

It is perfect for: wooden buildings, rooftops, arbours, shuttering, shelters, parking stands, fences, terraces, or floors.

The product is suitable for: builders, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners.

What our customers buy most frequently: balks for roof constructions, boards for garden cottages, planks for floors.

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Wooden Stepladder

Certified wooden stepladders are traditional MATRIX products. They are produced from coniferous wood and can be applied both in the construction sector and in the electrical businesses, or at home and in gardens. The wooden stepladder can be provided with anti-slip rubber caps. The metal parts are finished by painting or galvanizing. Wooden stepladders are produced for loads up to 150 kg. We guarantee delivery within 3 days.

We offer wooden stepladders as follows: produced according to ČSN EN, certified, with 24 years of tradition, made of coniferous wood.

It is perfect for: work at heights on construction sites, at home, in the garden.

The product is suitable for: professional decorating businesses and for decorating at home, for builders, electricians, gardeners.

What our customers buy most frequently: professional stepladder with 6 rungs.

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Matrix WOOD

Company introduction:
MATRIX a.s., the WOOD division, has been dealing with wood processing for more than 25 years with a focus on larch, spruce,pine and oak. Marginally, we can process other wood species.

Technology and Equipment:
We have state of the art machines for cut quality, processing speed and flexibility to maximize customer satisfaction.
We can process round log 12-110 cm up to a length of 13 m.

We offer:
- building and joinery timber
- planed material
- sawdust, chips, mulch bark and briquettes
- drying and impregnating of timber


The sawmill Třebešov

The sawmill in Třebešov processes preponderantly a larch round wood. Spruce and pine wood are completing the product range. We offer building and joinery lumber, wooden ladders, wooden paving and chips. The range of services is expanded by large capacity driers and an impregnation bath.

Opening hours:

Monday: 7:00 - 14:30 

Tuesday: 7:00 - 14:30 

Wednesday: 7:00 - 14:30 

Thursday: 7:00 - 14:30 

Friday: 7:00 - 14:30 


Třebešov 1
516 01 Rychnov nad Kněžnou

Tel.: +420 494 384 593


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