Fuel Wood, Briquettes, and Bark Mulch

Fuel Wood, Briquettes, and Bark Mulch

Highly calorific fuel wood is suitable for use in fireplaces, boilers, and tiled stoves. Hard wood of deciduous and coniferous trees guarantees lasting thermal comfort for an affordable price. They are environmentally friendly and easy to handle. Wood chips, mulch bark, and clean saw dust are also completely natural and cost effective.

We offer: fuel wood such as briquettes, and mulch bark with the highest quality and at reasonable prices.

It is ideal for: heating in fireplace, boilers, tiled stoves, for decorative mulching on soil.

The products are suitable for: real estate owners with their own source of heat, gardeners.

What our customers buy most frequently: fuel wood, larch mulching bark, briquettes made from larch wood.

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