KVH and BSH Balks

KVH and BSH Balks

KVH and BSH balks are considered to be a perfect natural building material. With their outstanding properties, they can fully replace classical structural and construction timber. A solid piece of wood can show defects and its dimensions are limited. On the contrary, the KVH and BSH balks do not limit architectural intentions. Thanks to the cuts and the subsequent extension by a zigzag connection (or with overlapping), the balks can have almost any dimensions. They are especially suitable for wooden construction and as the support components in wooden buildings.

We offer KVH and BSH balks as follows: variable length, with stable dimensions and shape, easy workmanship, for indoor and outdoor use.

They are perfect for: wooden structures, wooden buildings, roofs, ceilings, shelters, pavilions, arbours, garden architecture.

The product is suitable for: builders, DIY enthusiasts, gardeners.

What our customers buy most often: larch BSH balks for supporting structures.

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